Thursday, October 24th - Venue: Hotel Hyatt
From 8h00 to 18h00
Time Session
08h00 - 8h30

Registration and Refreshments

08h30 - 09h00

Opening Remarks
Jorge Gerdau, President of GERDAU Board
Laércio Cosentino, President of BRASSCOM Board
Rafael Prado, APEX BRASIL

09h00 - 09h45

Brazil and ICT Industry as a driver of productivity, innovation and economic growth - TIC Brasil 2022 and TI Maior
Antonio Gil, President of BRASSCOM
Marcus Frank, Senior Practice Expert, MCKINSEY

09h45 - 10h30

Brazils ICT industry as an important player
Artur Coimbra, Telecommunications Broadband Secretary of MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATIONS
(10 min speech opening session)
Peter Burris, VP and Research Director, FORRESTER
Cassio Dreyfuss, GARTNER Analyst
Roberto Gutierrez, IDC
Moderator: Kirk Laughin, NEARSHORE AMERICAS

10h30 - 10h45

The Economist provides a fresh perspective of Brazil economy within Global markets
Irene Mia, Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Editor for Latin America and Caribe. The Economist will provide a perspective on how Brazil is positioned in economic, political and business terms with the Global context. Irene will address the Global and Brazil's national competitiveness and development as well as on innovation and ICT industry.

10h45 - 11h15

Coffee Break

11h15 - 12h00

Brazil as a hot destination for R&D
Adriana Machado, VP of Governmental Affairs and Public Policy GE Latin America
John Julio Jansen, VP of Marketing & Sales, DuPont Latin America
Marcos Troyjo, Director of Columbia University - BRICLAB
Moderator: Sergio Pessoa, General Manager APEX BRASIL - SF

12h00 - 12h45

Brazil is self sustainable in terms of Energy and has one of the greenest energy matrix in the world, positioning Brazil also as potential for Cleantech growth and development
João Paulo dos Reis Velloso, President of FORUM NACIONAL
Carlos Frees - ABDI
David Maciel, FROST & SULLIVAN
Moderator: Marcos Troyjo

12h45 - 13h00

Success Case International

13h15 - 14h30

The Economist Forum: Brasscom Luncheon Dialogue
Mr. Fernando Haddad, Mayor of São Paulo
Antonio Gil, President of Brasscom

14h30 - 15h15

The Economist Forum: City as Laboratory
The Economist Conference

15h15 - 15h45

1The Economist Forum: The productivity paradox
The Economist Conference

15h45 - 16h15

Coffee Break

16h15 - 17h00

Brazilian Financial System (Mobile Payment)
Roberto Nogueira Zambon, Executive Director, CAIXA ECONÔMICA FEDERAL
Mauricio Minas, Managing Director, BRADESCO
Anderson Luis Cambraia Itaborahy - BANCO DO BRASIL
Ana Paula Pessoa - Success case in mobile payment, BRUNSWICKGROUP
Moderator: Edmundo Oliveira, BRASSCOM

17h00 - 17h45

Brazil ICT Booming Markets - The CEO Perspective
Moderator: Peter Burris, FORRESTER Analyst
CEOs - Associate Sponsors

17h45 - 18h00

Closing Remarks
Benjamin Quadros, Member of BRASSCOM Board

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